John Walsh
Managing Partner, Donaldson Walsh
John Walsh | Managing Partner, Donaldson Walsh

John Walsh is a Managing Partner of Donaldson Walsh, a foremost commercial law firm which stands as one of South Australia's leading commercial legal firms, achieving countless positive results for its clients; with its prominence and status of distinction notwithstanding, the thing that the firm is perhaps most proud of is the reputation that it has built for straight talking and breaking down the barriers. Donaldson Walsh gets to the point and leaves the jargon in the textbooks. And the firm judges itself on the peace of mind and value that its’ talented professionals is able to provide, not on how impressive they sound. In his leadership role, Mr. Walsh manages the renowned office, demonstrating his expertise in workers’ compensation law, self insurance, workplace law, and insurance. Mr. Walsh has nurtured an ever-emergent skill set over the course of an illustrious 40-year career, and he continuously strives for excellence in his every endeavor.

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John Walsh
Managing Partner
Donaldson Walsh
Specializing in Workers' Compensation Law,
Self Insurance, Workplace Law and Insurance
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